Legal Compliance: ANY aerial drone photo or video that is used for ANY type of business purpose MUST be captured by a FAA CERTIFIED pt107 drone pilot. (Federal Fines over $5000)

Print and On-Screen Advertisements
Drone Aerial Photos & Videos

Television • Brochures • Magazines • Websites • Presentations • Social Media • Newsletters • Posters • News Outlets • Billboards

Complete video or drone footage to give to your videographer

Hold your audience’s attention!

Share videos that WOW with ANGEL VIEW!

Your on-screen advertisement demands full coverage! Share videos that people actually WANT to watch…

Get your message across with professional HD drone aerial photos and videos that keep viewers tuned in.

Having drone aerial footage for your advertisement video captures the attention of your audience, making your advertisement SHARE WORTHY!

AERO•FOOTAGE offers packages for on-screen advertisements as a full video or as raw footage to be given to your videographer.

Social Media:
Grabbing the attention of the viewer is paramount to finding success with social media advertisements. When they stop scrolling to watch your post it increases your relevancy in the algorithms. This means your post will be shown to more people. More viewers means more sales.

Once you have a viewer, you stun them with many quick shots and then a slow pan, to hold them there. Now, show a few products then incentive and contact info… Then let them go on to the next thing in their feed that stops them.

AERO•FOOTAGE provides you with premier HD aerial drone photography and videography with STYLE that will capture your audience’s attention many levels above traditional photo and video methods.

Get your message across with AERO•FOOTAGE Drone Aerial Photo & Video!

Advertising Drone Aerial Photo & Video Packages

Don’t see a fit? Let’s get together and create a custom package for you.

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*Think about sun position and shadows before choosing a time of day.

Storefront and signage should be in full sun or full shade.

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